5 Key Grammar Guidelines for IELTS

On this lesson we’ll take a look at 5 key grammar guidelines for IELTS that can assist to make sure you do not make simply avoidable errors in your writing and talking.

Throughout your examination, you’ll get scored on numerous facets; one standards is grammatical vary and accuracy. This may rely in the direction of 25% of your remaining band rating.

Making a couple of errors is ok! However repeatedly making the identical grammatical errors will decrease your rating, which is why it’s tremendous necessary to review all the foundations and apply implementing them.

5 Should Know Grammar Guidelines For IELTS

Let’s delve into the 5 key grammar guidelines you should grasp for the IELTS talking and writing part.

Topic-verb settlement

In case your topic is singular, your verb must be too:

  • My brother likes spicy meals (not ‘like’)

This may look like a primary rule, but it surely’s a mistake candidates make fairly typically, particularly after they’re making use of topics that may appear plural however are literally in singular kind. 

As an illustration, don’t say:

  • My group of buddies are crucial to me.

It must be:

  • My group of buddies is essential to me.

The verb is agreeing with ‘group’, a singular topic, not ‘buddies’; subsequently, the singular verb must be used. 

Modal verbs

You’ll typically be anticipated to precise your opinion, exhibit a stage of certainty, or make future predictions. In all these instances, you’ll have to know which modal verbs to make use of. 

We’ll discover a couple of core modal verbs you could  familiarise your self with earlier than taking the examination.

‘Ought to’ for Opinion

To specific your opinion through the talking part or writing activity 2, you may incorporate ought to.

We use it mostly to precise what we really feel is the perfect or smartest thing to do in a scenario. For instance:

  • For my part, folks must be doing extra to assist shield the surroundings. 

‘Should’ for Obligation

To specific obligation, use should.

  • I have to end my research earlier than I begin making use of for jobs. 

‘Might/Would possibly’ for Risk

To specific chance, incorporate might/may.

For instance:

  • I would transfer overseas subsequent yr. 

Relative pronouns

For a excessive band rating, you should use a mix of straightforward and sophisticated sentence constructions. Among the finest methods to incorporate complicated sentences is by making use of relative pronouns (which we use to create relative clauses) to supply additional info. 

Relative pronouns are

  • which
  • who
  • whose
  • that
  • whom
  • what

As a substitute of claiming:

  • I reside subsequent to a farm. They’ve a wide selection of animals. I typically assist feed them.


  • I reside subsequent to a farm, which has a wide selection of animals that I typically assist feed. 


This rule is fairly easy, but it surely’s really easy to slide up, particularly in terms of the talking part.

Articles come earlier than nouns. There are two varieties of articles in English, the particular (the) and indefinite (an/a)

When referring to a particular place/factor, you’ll use the:

  • I take the bus to work. 

Keep in mind to make use of it if you’re referring to one thing already talked about earlier than:

  • Local weather change is a actual downside. The downside will not go away any time quickly with out motion.

A/an is used to point out amount (one) or when the speaker and listener are unfamiliar with the thing being mentioned. 

  • I went as much as a stranger to ask for instructions. 

Gerunds and Infinitives

There are particular verbs that should be adopted by gerunds (recognize, keep away from, and so forth.) and others which are adopted by to + infinitive (agreed, anticipated, and so forth.)

It’s necessary to review the foundations and apply utilizing them appropriately. In some instances, each the gerund and infinitive can be utilized. Nevertheless, the meanings will probably be barely completely different. 

What number of errors are you able to make?

For instance: 

  • I bear in mind serving to my dad within the backyard. (Refers to a reminiscence)
  • I want to recollect to assist my dad within the backyard. (This can be a reminder of a activity.)

Suggestions To Enhance Grammar Whereas Talking

As you recognize, you might be allowed a couple of “slips” with out having them influence your remaining rating an excessive amount of. However you may be questioning what number of is simply too many. That is dependent upon what band rating you’re aiming for. 

Listed below are summaries of the grammatical vary and accuracy necessities for every in each the talking and writing sections:

  • Band 6: There are some grammatical and punctuation errors, however they don’t have an effect on understanding. Easy and sophisticated sentences are used, however flexibility is restricted. 
  • Band 7: Number of complicated sentence constructions however only a few grammatical errors.
  • Band 8: wide selection of sentence constructions are used precisely and flexibly. Occasional errors are current, however sentences are principally error-free. 
  • Band 9: Minor errors are uncommon, and a variety of constructions are used appropriately and flexibly all through.

Utilizing correct grammar whereas talking is simply as necessary as it’s within the writing part. Listed below are a few of our prime suggestions for training and bettering your grammar within the IELTS talking part!

  1. Follow! This may appear a little bit apparent. Nevertheless, you may take it a step additional by recording your self answering talking questions and listening out for any grammatical errors you may be making. By correcting your individual errors, you’re extra prone to be taught from them.
  2. Research the grammar guidelines and be sure you perceive them.
  3. Search assist from buddies or lecturers by doing a mock talking take a look at with them, they could be capable of level out a couple of additional errors that you just might need missed.
  4. Watch films in English. The extra you encompass your self with the language and listen to different folks communicate, it is going to enhance your talking as properly. 

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