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Do you discover you by no means know what to say when in an interview after they ask you what your strengths are? Properly, in the event you’re accepted into one among our internship packages overseas, AIFS Overseas will help you with that. All AIFS Overseas interns take the Clifton StrengthsFinder evaluation, a private improvement software primarily based on many years of analysis into human strengths. With the assistance of our advisors, you may leverage your Prime 5 Strengths throughout your internship overseas — and past! 

There are 4 distinct domains, or teams of Strengths: 1) Relationship Constructing, 2) Influencing, 3) Executing, and 4) Strategic Considering. This weblog publish focuses on the Executing area, the one which makes issues occur. 

If the Clifton StrengthsFinder Evaluation decided you’ve Executing strengths, right here’s how one can leverage them in your worldwide internship: 

What’s the Executing area? 

Folks possessing Executing strengths take pleasure in and are proficient at undertaking duties. They’re the list-makers who get excessive pleasure out of crossing these successes off their checklist. They’re extremely task-oriented and love doing issues some don’t take care of like budgets, methods, processes, guidelines, timelines, and many others. You may all the time depend upon them to comply with via and get the job achieved. The strengths within the Executing area are Achiever, Arranger, Perception, Consistency, Deliberative, Self-discipline, Focus, Accountability and Restorative. 

The Achiever Energy

Icon of person on top of mountain symbolizing the Achiever strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

Achiever is the commonest energy. These are the individuals in your workplace who’ve a desk lined in post-it notes, together with a to-do checklist that they’re infinitely including extra issues to. They usually work late into the night time to make sure a job is completed. “Burning the midnight oil!” they usually say. They’ve unbelievable stamina in relation to work and are sometimes labeled workaholics.  

Right here’s a hypothetical of an AIFS Overseas intern utilizing their Achiever Energy. Let’s say you’re interning for a start-up in London and your job is to extend the visibility of each the start-up and its founder. Somebody with out the Achiever Energy would possibly see this as an unimaginable job, however not you. You see this as a sequence of very small, incremental duties, and also you bust out your helpful to-do checklist to make it occur. Step one is to name native media shops and e-mail press releases. Step-by-step, name after e-mail you land a write-up in a London tech journal and even an interview on a preferred tech podcast! 

The Arranger Energy 

Icon of person organizing squares symbolizing the Arranger strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

This energy is all about aligning and realigning. Arrangers equally have the ability of breaking complicated conditions into smaller duties like these with the Achiever Energy, however additionally they depend on fast selections to rearrange these duties in a manner to supply the most efficient configuration potential. 

Let’s say you’re an AIFS Overseas Advertising and marketing intern who works at an company in Paris. Your boss is racking their mind making an attempt to determine the disconnect from the copywriters’ imaginative and prescient and the design staff’s closing product on a package deal. However utilizing the Arranger Energy, you parse via the method and notice there’s a possibility for the assigned designer and author to brainstorm collectively to provide you with an concept that each hits the consumer’s KPIs and can be possible when it comes to design. 

The Perception Energy 

Icon if head with checkmark in brain symbolizing the Belief strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

This doesn’t essentially imply in a religious sense — being family-oriented or altruistic additionally falls into the Perception energy. Folks with this sort of Executing energy worth duty and ethics, each in themselves and others. Success goes past cash and status to them and is extra about navigating life’s temptations and distractions in the direction of a constant set of priorities. In any ethical dilemma, they are going to let you realize the place they stand. 

An instance of the Perception Energy in follow may very well be whereas interning at a lab in Sydney. The lab is sponsoring a bunch of charities for its vacation season, however you discover there’s an absence of charities that symbolize LGBTQIA+ causes, so whilst an intern, you communicate up since you worth that trigger. Administration hears you loud and clear, and an area LGBTQIA+ fundraiser is added to the vacation charity drive! 

The Consistency Energy 

Icon of a checkmark with interlocking arrows around it symbolizing the Consistency strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

That is the golden rule of strengths within the Executing area. Individuals who have this energy deal with others as they might be handled. Additionally they crave steady routines and clear guidelines and procedures that everybody can comply with. When the scales are tipped too far in a single particular person’s favor, they really feel this results in selfishness and individualism, that are actually offensive to them. 

As a hypothetical instance, let’s say you’re interning at a Berlin agency for the humanities and also you discover that one other staff is one way or the other unwilling to take part in a meals drive. You recognize that is supposedly a company-wide occasion, so you employ your Consistency energy to ship an e-mail to your supervisor, who sends an e-mail to the supervisor of that staff calling them out for not taking part. You achieve credibility as an individual who truly cares concerning the causes the corporate espouses, and achieve contacts in a brand new division. 

The Deliberative Energy 

Icon of a bullseye with arrow symbolizing the Deliberative strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

Cautious. Vigilant. Non-public. Folks with this energy take critical care with selections whereas anticipating obstacles. They know the world is an unpredictable place and one of the best ways to fight that’s to plan forward. They choose their associates cautiously and are cautious to not give an excessive amount of reward lest or not it’s misconstrued. 

Let’s say you’re interning for an organization in Costa Rica and also you’re tasked with courting one other firm for a collaboration. You’ve already achieved your personal analysis on the corporate and decided there’s a chance they gained’t ship on their finish as a lot as your organization’s leaders anticipate. Nonetheless, you let your apprehension be identified and it seems you have been proper all alongside. That’s what the Deliberative energy of the Executing area is all about. 

The Self-discipline Energy 

Icon of a cycle of a person, gear, and clock symbolizing the Discipline strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

Love a routine? Construction? Individuals who do possible have this energy. The world is unpredictable, however these with the Self-discipline energy attempt to oppose its dysfunction. Confronted with an unsure world, they search to really feel management. Routines, timelines and deadlines — issues lots of people concern and keep away from — are a pleasure to the person who reveals this trait. 

For instance, let’s say that you just’re an intern at a Portuguese enterprise. Your organization doesn’t appear to have a written course of for one of many duties you do usually and, because you despise chaos, confusion and improvising above all else, you determine to make use of your Self-discipline energy to develop one your self. You create a timeline that takes a number of rounds of suggestions into consideration to get the deliverables in on time. In doing this work, you higher perceive what must be achieved and the way it must be achieved, and your routine turns into extra structured. Your course of evaluation is so efficient that larger ups preserve it, even after your time as an intern is over! 

The Focus Energy 

Icon of arrows pointing at a person symbolizing the Focus strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

Prioritize then act. Of all of the Executing strengths, that’s the tenants of this kind. Folks with the Focus energy are continually asking themselves, “The place am I headed?” Each motion is evaluated whether or not it is going to assist you to transfer towards your purpose or not. The actions that don’t are ignored.  

The Focus energy may very well be used within the following state of affairs as an intern at an advert company in Eire. You’re requested to be pointperson on some deliverables to a consumer, however the consumer retains moving into the weeds with it. Each little element is scrutinized, to the purpose that you just fear you’ll be going off the timeline. Utilizing the Focus energy, you guarantee the consumer that this is only one step in a protracted course of to achieve the tip purpose, and also you’ll require approval on their finish to maneuver on to the subsequent step, the place their wants will probably be addressed. 

The Accountability Energy 

Icon of person with hand on their heart symbolizing the Responsibility strength of the Executing CliftonStrengths domain

Of all of the strengths within the Executing area, that is the second most often discovered. Individuals who possess Accountability really feel psychological possession over duties they’re assigned. They usually name tasks their “infants.” Due to this emotional bond, these are individuals who will all the time comply with via on their guarantees. If they are saying they are going to get issues achieved, they imply it. 

Let’s say you’re interning at a translation service in Madrid and have volunteered to translate some paperwork. You rapidly be taught that these paperwork not solely should be translated, however are out of order and should be filed appropriately. As a result of you’ve the Accountability energy, you realize that merely translating the paperwork gained’t do. That is your mission, and also you gave your organization your phrase to finish it, so you are taking the additional effort and make it occur! 

The Restorative Energy 

Icon of hand placing missing puzzle piece symbolizing the Restorative strength of the CliftonStrengths domain

These are the pure problem-solvers of any group. They love the problem of analyzing an issue and producing options that seemingly come out of nowhere. An issue for them is simply a possibility to display their abilities. 

As a vogue retail intern working in Scotland, you see your supervisor within the storeroom twiddling with a espresso machine. As somebody who possesses the Restorative energy, you realize your supervisor has different issues to fret about, so that you volunteer to repair the espresso machine as a substitute. You search for the producer’s person handbook and rapidly see what the issue is. Now the entire workplace can get their caffeine repair as soon as once more. 

Use Your Area to Succeed! 

Wanting on the 4 domains of strengths will help us see ourselves from one other angle and make it simpler to construct well-rounded groups. Understanding your personal dominant area will assist you to hunt down duties that you’ll take pleasure in and excel at. When you realize what you supply (and what you battle to supply) you could find complimentary companions. 

Curious what your strengths are? Apply for an AIFS Overseas internship overseas program, the place you’ll work with an advisor to learn how finest you may succeed.

Right here at AIFS Overseas, we provide unbelievable worldwide internship packages. When you’re accepted, you’ll be requested to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder evaluation so our advisors can see what worth you may deliver to a global program and put together you for the interview. Each AIFS Overseas intern is assured an internship placement.

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