GPT-3 vs. GPT-4: What’s the Distinction?

The evolution of AI language fashions has been outstanding, with every iteration bringing vital enhancements. GPT-3 and GPT-4 share the identical foundational frameworks, each present process intensive pre-training on huge datasets and fine-tuning to cut back dangerous, incorrect, or undesirable responses. Nonetheless, dataset measurement and processing energy variations result in main distinctions of their capabilities.

This text delves into the developments and variations between GPT-3 and GPT-4, highlighting how these fashions have developed to supply enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

A fast recap of GPT-3 and GPT-4

Earlier than we soar into the important thing variations between GPT-3 and GPT-4, let’s take a fast take a look at how these fashions took place.


GPT-3, launched in June 2020, is the third model of the GPT collection developed by OpenAI. It has 175 billion parameters and was pre-trained on over 1 trillion phrases from a various vary of web sources, making it some of the highly effective language fashions on the time of its launch. GPT-3 can carry out a big selection of duties, from code technology to language translation, with minimal particular coaching.


GPT-4, launched in March 2023, builds upon the muse laid by GPT-3 with vital enhancements. It introduces multimodal capabilities, permitting it to course of each textual content and pictures and has an extended context window, dealing with as much as 128,000 tokens in its Turbo variant. Whereas the precise variety of parameters for GPT-4 stays undisclosed, it’s presumed to be considerably greater than GPT-3, enabling it to unravel extra complicated issues with better accuracy and effectivity. In Could 2024, OpenAI launched GPT-4o, its newest mannequin, additional advancing the capabilities of the GPT collection.

Variations between GPT-3 and GPT-4

Key variations between GPT-3 and GPT-4 spotlight vital developments in AI expertise. These developments will be finest understood by inspecting numerous elements, equivalent to mannequin measurement, efficiency, capabilities, biases, and pricing.

Mannequin measurement

AI fashions are sometimes measured by their measurement. This measurement is decided by the amount of information used for pre-training and the variety of parameters within the mannequin structure.

Through the pre-training part, the mannequin processes and learns patterns from an enormous corpus of textual content knowledge. As talked about earlier, GPT-3 was pre-trained on over 1 trillion phrases from web sites and books. The scale of GPT-4’s coaching knowledge has not been disclosed but, however it’s presumed to be bigger than GPT-3 as a result of mannequin’s improved capabilities.

The variety of parameters refers back to the mannequin’s complete values, or weights, which might be up to date in the course of the coaching course of to optimize its efficiency on language duties. The next variety of parameters typically means it’s a extra complicated mannequin that may deal with intricate duties and generate nuanced textual content. GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters, whereas GPT-4 is rumored to have considerably extra, presumably reaching trillions, although the precise depend stays undisclosed.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to notice that extra parameters alone don’t essentially translate to extra highly effective efficiency. Mannequin measurement is one issue, however the high quality of the coaching knowledge, mannequin structure, and coaching procedures additionally considerably impression a mannequin’s real-world capabilities.

Nonetheless, the substantial enhance in coaching knowledge and mannequin parameters for GPT-4 represents a notable scale-up that has enhanced efficiency in comparison with GPT-3 throughout many benchmarks. And whereas we gained’t have particular particulars about GPT-4o’s mannequin measurement, it’s anticipated to be much more superior than GPT-3 and GPT-4.


OpenAI examined GPT-4 on quite a few benchmarks and located that it considerably outperformed GPT-3.5. These benchmarks included take a look at scores for issues just like the bar examination and the SAT and assessments made particularly for machine studying fashions.

Let’s take a look at the elements driving higher efficiency for GPT-4.

Larger ranges of accuracy

GPT-4’s bigger mannequin means it could actually reply with better accuracy than GPT-3. In accordance with OpenAI, it scored 40 p.c greater than GPT-3.5 on an accuracy analysis. It’s additionally higher at differentiating between truthful and incorrect statements.

Higher understanding of context

In comparison with GPT-3, GPT-4 has a bigger context window. That is the edge for the quantity of data the mannequin can course of earlier than dropping context. That info is measured in tokens. If you enter a immediate, the mannequin breaks it down into chunks of textual content referred to as tokens to course of it. GPT-4’s context window goes as much as 128,000 tokens (should you’re utilizing Turbo), whereas GPT-3.5 maxes out at 16,385 tokens.

Higher understanding of nuance

GPT-4 surpasses GPT-3 in understanding feelings and particular person communication types, making it extra accessible and able to creating extra genuine content material. GPT-4o extends these capabilities even additional. It might probably course of textual content, sound, pictures, and movies, enabling it to know and reply to a broader vary of data. This makes interactions with computer systems extra pure and intuitive for customers.


GPT-4 is extra adaptable than GPT-3. This high quality, which OpenAI calls steerability, means that you can tweak the fashion of the mannequin’s output. Earlier GPT fashions had been fine-tuned to generate responses in a selected voice and tone. GPT-4 offers you better management by permitting you to outline attributes like your required tone, fashion, and degree of specificity. You may present customized response templates to inform GPT-4 how to answer your prompts.

For instance, a developer making an app powered by GPT-4 for legislation companies can instruct the mannequin to “reply with a proper tone acceptable for authorized documentation.” Or a person person on ChatGPT (with GPT-4 chosen) can ask the mannequin for recommendation with the instruction to “reply like a supportive life coach who avoids harsh criticism.” GPT-4 will conform to those desired types and offer you higher responses.

Capabilities and functions

Typically, GPT fashions are extremely versatile and may energy many use circumstances. What units GPT-4 aside is its efficiency, adaptability, and image-upload capabilities. Right here’s how these elements allow GPT-4 to outperform GPT-3 in widespread functions.


Probably the most vital variations between GPT-3 and GPT-4 is multimodality. Whereas GPT-3 is unimodal and may solely course of and generate textual content, GPT-4 launched the power to course of each textual content and pictures. The most recent mannequin, GPT-4o, extends these multimodal capabilities even additional:

  • Enter modalities: GPT-4o can settle for enter in textual content, audio, picture, and video codecs
  • Output modalities: It might probably generate textual content, audio, and picture outputs

GPT-4o’s audio capabilities are notably superior. It might probably course of and reply to audio inputs with outstanding pace, producing responses in as little as 232 milliseconds, with a median response time of 320 milliseconds. For comparability, the typical human response time in a dialog is round 200-300 milliseconds. This implies GPT-4o can have interaction in audio conversations at a tempo that intently mimics pure human speech, representing a major step in direction of real-time conversations with AI instruments.

Presently, the superior multimodal options (e.g. utilizing video as enter) of GPT-4o should not broadly accessible to the general public. They’re primarily accessible by means of selective collaborations and beta testing with a restricted set of companions. Broader entry is anticipated as OpenAI continues to refine and roll out these capabilities.

Along with its multimodal capabilities, GPT-4 can carry out duties that GPT-3 can not, equivalent to:

  • Extracting key knowledge factors and developments from a set of graphs or charts.
  • Creating descriptions of pictures, together with what makes them attention-grabbing, humorous, or unhappy.
  • Transcribing images of textual content, equivalent to handwritten letters or historic paperwork.
  • Writing code for a fundamental web site design by importing a structure mockup.
  • Offering extra context on prompts past what will be conveyed by means of textual content alone.

Creating content material

GPT-3 and GPT-4 can create authentic text-based content material for private communications, enterprise paperwork, and artistic endeavors. Not solely is GPT-4 higher at producing textual content in your particular fashion, however it can also keep the coherence of its responses for longer. You should utilize these capabilities to assist write full brief tales, for instance, or to effectively generate a collection of welcome emails for patrons for a small enterprise.

Whereas GPT fashions have spectacular content material creation capabilities, exploring different AI writing instruments, like Grammarly, is a good suggestion for locating the proper match. With Grammarly, you don’t have to leap between tabs to get AI-generated content material. The Grammarly extension works in your internet browser and in applications like Microsoft Phrase, so you may simply get content material creation help contained in the instruments you already use.

Helping with code

Whereas each GPT-3 and GPT-4 carry out properly at writing code, explaining code snippets, and suggesting enhancements, GPT-4 reveals superior efficiency on this area. It operates with greater effectiveness and accuracy when dealing with coding duties. Furthermore, GPT-4 can full longer coding duties with better ease.

Powering chatbots

GPT-3 and GPT-4 function the muse for chatbots that have interaction with individuals in a pure, conversational approach, equivalent to ChatGPT. Since GPT-4 is healthier at understanding nuance, conversations with GPT-4 chatbots are likely to really feel extra pure and real. It might probably reply with extra sensitivity to feelings and higher detect human subtleties like idioms, cultural references, and figures of speech.

GPT-4 additionally makes chatbots extra accessible because it performs higher than GPT-3.5 in numerous languages.

Supporting tutorial duties

Educators can use GPT fashions to create customized quizzes, lesson plans, and academic supplies. The fashions are additionally able to reasoning, which permits them to elucidate complicated matters like mathematical ideas and philosophical questions.

GPT-4 outperforms GPT-3 on extra superior functions. For instance, whereas GPT-3.5 scored a 1 on the AP Calculus examination, GPT-4 scored a 4.

Helping with analysis

You should utilize GPT fashions to find out about many topics, discover new ideas, and get solutions to widespread questions. Nonetheless, there are limitations on how well timed that info could also be. GPT-3 was educated on giant quantities of information however isn’t up-to-date. The data cutoff for GPT-3.5 is January 2022. For GPT-4, the data cutoff can differ from September 2021 to December 2023, relying on the model.

Summarizing current content material

Each GPT-3 and GPT-4 help you insert current content material into your immediate and generate a abstract. You may tailor the abstract to your specs, like phrase depend, formatting, or grade degree. Since GPT-4 has an extended context window, you need to use it to summarize longer items of textual content. It’s also possible to request that the abstract meet extra particular necessities, equivalent to focusing on a selected viewers and even producing the textual content in one other language.

Brainstorming concepts

GPT fashions can present concepts for issues like artistic tasks, occasions, and product names. They’ll additionally show you how to provide you with concepts for fixing complicated issues. For instance, they’ll supply concepts on easy methods to use automation to streamline a time-consuming, sophisticated course of. Due to its potential to understand nuance, GPT-4 can present a extra tailor-made listing of concepts than GPT-3. It’s also possible to add further particulars to your brainstorming immediate by importing pictures.

Bias and security

Minimizing poisonous responses is an ongoing challenge for generative AI. GPT-4 is mostly higher than GPT-3 at stopping biased and discriminatory responses and recognizing problematic phrases in prompts. Nonetheless, researchers have discovered that, in comparison with GPT-3, it’s simpler to trick GPT-4 into ignoring its guardrails and producing dangerous responses. Because it seems, the steerability function that makes it simpler to customise GPT-4 to your wants additionally makes it simpler to jailbreak the mannequin.


The most recent model of GPT-3, GPT-3.5, is accessible without cost by means of ChatGPT. To entry GPT-4, you want a ChatGPT Plus account, which begins at $20 per thirty days. For builders, GPT-4o API entry is about 50 p.c cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo whereas additionally providing 5x greater fee limits.

Improved multilingual capabilities

As a result of they’re educated on web knowledge, earlier GPT fashions exhibited a bias towards languages which might be extra broadly represented on-line. Nonetheless, GPT-4 demonstrates enhanced efficiency throughout a broader vary of languages in comparison with how GPT-3.5 performs in English. This consists of higher capabilities in languages equivalent to Swahili and Latvian, which have a extra restricted on-line presence than English and French. GPT-4o continues this development, displaying much more vital enhancements in non-English languages.


The evolution of GPT fashions from GPT-3 to GPT4, and now GPT-4o, marks vital leaps in AI language processing. GPT-3 set a excessive bar with its potential to generate textual content, clarify ideas, and write code. GPT-4 raised this bar by introducing picture processing and enhanced language understanding. GPT-4o pushes boundaries additional with audio and video processing, quicker responses, improved multilingual capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

These developments broaden AI’s potential throughout various functions, from artistic duties to complicated problem-solving. As GPT fashions proceed to evolve, they’ll supply more and more refined capabilities that decrease the barrier to entry for fields like design, engineering, and knowledge evaluation. Some consultants argue we’re more likely to transition into roles the place we handle our AI fashions, guiding, refining, and delegating moderately than performing duties from scratch.

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