IELTS Band 7 Essay Samples

These are IELTS band 7 essay samples which were given grades (of seven or 7.5) and primary feedback on the rating for every standards by an skilled IELTS teacher. 

Subject: Migration to Cities (Band 7)

Younger individuals are leaving their houses in rural areas to work or research in cities. 

What are the explanations?

Do some great benefits of this growth outweigh the drawbacks?

The comparability of requirements of the cities and small city or villages has been all the time a debate. Just lately, youngsters select to stay within the cities moderately than their residence villages due to college or job alternatives. This essay will talk about a number of causes behind this development and clarify why some great benefits of being in a metropolis do certainly outweigh its drawbacks.

There are a number of causes to want residing in city areas. Firstly, it offers folks a possibility to review in higher faculties which can’t be present in rural areas. Since within the fashionable world training means very a lot for folks’s future, it’s essential to have greater training levels for these people to seek out well-paid jobs. Along with that, metropolis life gives folks with utterly completely different experiences than their residence villages. Due to the colleges, work or social gathering locations, they get to fulfill a higher variety of folks from throughout the nation in comparison with their rural cities which is essential for one’s private growth. Lastly, within the cities, not solely they get greater variety of job choices, but in addition they’ll earn bigger amount of cash. It is rather nicely know that job market is considerably restricted within the villages additionally the present jobs barely pay sufficient.

It’s clearly seen that advantages of leaving villages outweigh its few variety of deficits. It’s value to say that folks face some points, comparable to being away from their prolonged household, extra aggressive and difficult job market, and considerably dearer residing price, after they transfer to the cities. Benefits like studying and exploring new experiences, getting a greater training resulting in a greater paid job and having an fascinating profession, nonetheless, surpass the variety of the drawbacks of this growth.

To conclude, there are numerous causes for younger era to go away their houses to stay within the cities and this motion’s advantages simply outweigh its disadvantages.


Process Response: 7

The query is answered and concepts are supported. The advantages have been mentioned in physique paragraph one – the drawbacks would must be given a bit extra dialogue within the second physique paragraph with the intention to obtain 8 or 9. As the query clearly signifies that there are drawbacks, these must be given enough consideration. 

Coherence & Cohesion: 7

This IELTS band 7 essay pattern is well-organised with a mixture of transition alerts and a few good use of referencing and substitution. Barely too many transitions in preliminary place in physique paragraph one.

Lexical Useful resource: 7

There’s a good mixture of related subject associated vocabulary of fairly excessive stage and an excellent consciousness of collocation. Extra unusual phrases and phrases can be wanted for a band 8.

Grammatical Vary and Accuracy: 7

Good vary and mixture of complicated sentences and kinds, although some grammar errors are evident, notably within the latter a part of the essay.

Subject: Lack of Leisure Time (Band 7.5)

In some nations younger folks have little leisure time and are below a variety of strain to work onerous on their research.

What do you suppose are the causes of this?

What options are you able to counsel?

There is no such thing as a doubt that having some leisure time throughout learning reenergizes the mind to proceed working effectively. Nonetheless, college students in some nations are below excessive strain to review onerous and due to this fact, they’ve minimal leisure time. The doable causes for this development in addition to instructed options shall be mentioned in particulars.

One doable motive for college students to face a variety of strain to work onerous on their training with no break day can be the excessive price of training. For example, costly programs put a monetary burden on households and college students which forces the scholars to strive onerous to finish these programs efficiently and shortly. Because of this, these college students ignore the necessity for some spare time and give attention to their research work. One other doable motive can be the quantity of research supplies which is changing into in depth for a brief semester. Consequently, this strain leaves no alternative for college students besides to review as onerous as doable to have the ability to end this materials on time. Thus, it’s apparent that these college students haven’t any time left to have some leisure actions.

Nonetheless, some options may very well be instructed to assist clear up this downside. One doable resolution can be decreasing the price of academic programs in these nations by authorities fundings. By doing this, each the scholars and their households would have much less monetary strain and due to this fact the scholars may very well be much less burdened throughout their research which could allow them to have some free time. One other resolution can be research teams, if college students research in teams, then every one of many group members might summarize a part of the curriculum and shares it with the remainder of the group. This might save a variety of time for the entire college students within the group and because of this the quantity of strain can be diminished. These ideas might assist the scholars to have some leisure time which is vital for them to remain centered.

In conclusion, there are a lot of causes that put the scholars in some nations below stress and strain to review onerous and depart them no time for leisure actions, nonetheless, the above instructed options might sort out this downside and permit the scholars to have some research free time which is important for them to recharge their vitality.


Process Response: 8

It’s an excellent essay that’s clearly organised and solutions the query. It presents a well-developed response to the query with related, prolonged and supported concepts.

Coherence & Cohesion: 8

Concepts and knowledge are sequenced logically within the IELTS band 7 essay pattern; all elements of cohesion are well-managed; paragraphing is used sufficiently and appropriately. 

Lexical Useful resource: 7

Although there’s good use of vocabulary and just a few errors, there’s not sufficient proof of skillfull use of unusual lexical gadgets to benefit an 8.

Grammatical Vary and Accuracy: 8

Makes use of a variety of buildings; nearly all of sentences are error-free; makes solely very occasional errors or inappropriacies.

Subject: Harmful Sports activities (Band 7)

Massive numbers of individuals take part in sports activities which might be extraordinarily harmful.

Why do you suppose folks do that?

How can the dangers of participation be minimised?

Right this moment many video games are being performed everywhere in the world. A few of them are extraordinarily dangerous and life threatening. Regardless of of those info their reputation is rising and many individuals are enjoying such video games on knowledgeable stage. This essay will establish the the explanation why individuals are enjoying such life threatening video games and supply some sensible approaches to attenuate the danger related to these video games.

Initially we have to discover out the explanation why such harmful video games have gotten so well-liked. To start out with, the most important attraction for gamers is nice cash that may very well be earned from a single recreation in simply in the future. The sort of fast cash will increase stimulation amongst many gamers to undertake video games comparable to boxing, wrestling, bull driving and so on. Maybe, fame and recognition is one other compelling motive that encourages folks to decide on sure video games. Moreover, its confirmed that it’s human nature to just accept challenges and do issues in another way. Many gamers love to just accept challenges and so they wish to astonish the world by their distinctive expertise and expertise.

As these video games are actually being launched on the earth and many individuals are becoming a member of them you will need to cut back dangers by introducing some insurance policies and procedures. For example, anybody who desires to take part particularly video games wouldn’t be allowed to play it till he/she deemed hundred per cent competence in required expertise and information. Secondly, you will need to endorse top quality private safety tools and coaching to fight threat related to video games.

In conclusion, wonderful stage of insurance policies, procedures and coaching are integral a part of treating the dangers related to such video games.


Process Response: 7

All elements of the duty are coated on this IELTS band 7 essay pattern, a transparent place is introduced. Some most important concepts are a bit generalised and would must be extra particular to succeed in an 8.

Coherence & Cohesion: 7

Essay is logical with a transparent development. A variety of cohesive gadgets are used. Every paragraph has a transparent central thought. Some extra refined cohesive gadgets can be wanted for an 8.

Lexical Useful resource: 7

Enough vary of vocab and a few much less frequent vocab used, however some errors in phrase alternative / formation forestall a band 8.

Grammatical Vary and Accuracy: 7

The IELTS band 7 essay pattern general has excellent grammar, however there’s an error in fairly just a few of the sentences. Most are fairly minor however a few very noticeable and the candidates have to take care with this to keep away from a drop to a 6.

Subject: Studying & Writing Abilities (Band 7)

Some folks suppose that the rising use of computer systems and cellphones for communication has a detrimental impact on younger folks’s studying and writing expertise.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It’s usually mentioned that the Web’s creation within the nineteenth made simpler the way in which by which folks might study, work and research. Using computer systems and cellphones was seen at first as a democratization of data, tradition, and books. Nonetheless, I believe that this main ideology was completely fallacious following the uncomfortable side effects and trajectory and use of those gadgets. Certainly. I do suppose that computer systems and cellphones for communication have a detrimental impact on folks’s studying and writing expertise, particularly for younger folks. 

First, younger folks have been raised with mobiles and computer systems. The issue is that many of the content material shared on computer systems and cell telephones, particularly due to using social, are movies, photographs, and emoticons. For instance, to get knowledgeable of the information, folks used to speak with others, write letters to individuals who had been knowledgeable of the scenario, or learn newspapers earlier than the Web was created.  Right this moment, most -if not all younger individuals are being knowledgeable by watching movies on the Web and socials. Because of this, we are able to attest that younger individuals are getting used to a digital world manufactured from movies and photographs. 

However not solely are newspapers involved, but in addition all types of knowledge. Certainly, when younger folks, particularly college students, wanted to seek out info for a faculty mission they had been confronted with what a variety of younger individuals are “reluctant to” as we speak: opening a guide, an encyclopedia. Certainly, many younger individuals are being disinterested in books as computer systems and mobiles are making on-web analysis simpler and quicker. Younger individuals are, because of this, studying much less and hoping to seek out shortly a chunk of knowledge as a substitute of studying a complete article about it. For instance, who reads a complete guide a few nation to speak with somebody from one other nation after they can simply discover a brief article concerning the tradition they’re attempting to know higher? 

Nonetheless, writing expertise are additionally strictly broken by computer systems and mobiles. As a result of we’re extra linked to folks because of computer systems and mobiles, we improve the method of speaking with everybody, all over the place, the quickest as it may be. Earlier than, because of using letters, folks had time to consider what they’d write and the way they want their textual content to be completely spelled and nicely written. Not solely letters but in addition telephone calls would assist folks develop their writing expertise as you may not use abbreviations and slang as folks do each day by texting.  A single image-a yellow face known as a smiley- can exchange dozens of phrases if no more. Individuals are creating slang, picture, movies, and GIF language as a substitute of writing what they really feel, suppose, and wish to say in a textual content. 

Additionally,  vocal messages develop into a menace to studying and writing as these two expertise have gotten ineffective in computer systems and cell communication. As well as, making a expertise by way of which customers of those gadgets are enabled to dictate a sentence that the cell will write in a textual content makes folks much more unskilled in writing and studying. 

To conclude, the outstanding use of mobiles and computer systems for communication has quite a few detrimental results on younger folks’s writing and studying expertise. Certainly, it retains them away from studying and particularly writing due to vocal messages and the creation of slang. Communication turns into a means for folks to inform what they should say with out fascinated by what they’re writing and saying. 


Process Response: 8

Typically an excellent reply with a lot of help. I believe it might be higher with out this: 

“Additionally,  vocal messages develop into a menace to studying and writing as these two expertise have gotten ineffective in computer systems and cell communication. As well as, making a expertise by way of which customers of those gadgets are enabled to dictate a sentence that the cell will write in a textual content makes folks much more unskilled in writing and studying”. 

You do not clarify what you imply about vocal messages. It is not likely clear what the general most important thought of this paragraph is.

Coherence & Cohesion: 6

It is a disgrace as this might have been an 8, however you’ve got this errors in physique para 3 – “Nonetheless”. That is an extra detrimental thought, not contrasting info. For 7 and up there may be over/underuse of CC however there should not be errors in use. An examiner may maybe overlook it and offer you 7.

Additionally as I mentioned that final physique paragraph is just not nice for CC.

Lexical Useful resource: 8

Principally excellent grammar however there are errors – an instance:

  • use of social – must be ‘social media’

Grammatical Vary and Accuracy: 7

Principally excellent grammar however there are errors – some examples:

  • newspapers involved – newspapers cannot be ‘involved’, undecided what you imply right here.
  • are being disinterested – must be “are disinterested”.
  • Certainly. I do (comma, not full cease)

Subject: Job Satisfaction (Band 7.5)

Contemplating that adults spend a lot of their lives at work, having job satisfaction is extraordinarily vital.

What components contribute to job satisfaction?

How life like is the expectation of job satisfaction for all staff?

On this essay, I’ll state two most important components that contribute to job satisfaction, specifically success and adaptability, and discover doable the explanation why job satisfaction, though actually an goal for a lot of, can’t be achieved by all.

Although many corporations promote their staff as glad and content material, it’s simple that this can not all the time be the case. Few folks would consider a supervisor saying that their manufacturing facility employees are glad. I consider this has rather a lot to do with the components that decide job satisfaction. For example, typically, to ensure that somebody to be glad at their job there have to be one thing for them to reach, be it a private or shared objective. The manufacturing facility instance works completely: folks working in a manufacturing facility hardly discover a objective in what they’re doing completely different to producing a secure month-to-month earnings.

Flexibility is a second ingredient to be considered. What is supposed by this isn’t versatile working hours, although these can actually assist too, however moderately an opportunity to do and work on completely different duties or initiatives and possibly even a chance to scale them. This enables for a use of various expertise, or an area to study them, and fixed new stimuli. Sadly, many roles don’t supply this sort of alternative, leading to repetitive and compelled labour and energy.

In conclusion, there are a lot of concepts to be developed when speaking about components influencing job satisfaction, comparable to flexibility and success, and if some jobs supply each, the overwhelming majority affords neither, which makes it inconceivable for each worker to expertise satisfaction at their jobs.


Process Response: 7

Almost an 8 however I believe a bit extra element and clarification may very well be given to a few of the concepts and maybe just a few extra concepts of help. For example extra may very well be defined about why or what jobs don’t have flexibility. A band 8 or 9 additionally is probably going to have the ability to write a bit extra.

Coherence & Cohesion: 8

It’s nicely organised and all elements of cohesion are managed nicely.

Lexical Useful resource: 8

Typically excellent use of vocabulary with few errors.

Grammatical Vary and Accuracy: 7

You might have good grammar right here however I believe in sure locations it might present a bit extra sophistication/complexity. For example, I confirmed you above the place a posh pronoun can be higher as with out this the sentences look a bit uneven and brief. And this sentence sound a bit awkward with two ‘ands’: “leading to repetitive and compelled labour and energy.”


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