IELTS Graph Train: Utilizing Language of Change


Resolve which phrase or phrases match within the hole to create the proper language of change.

1. The variety of registered voters within the district __________ by 15% between 2012 and 2016, reflecting a rising civic engagement.

has elevated

was rising




It is the previous easy for accomplished occasions/actions previously (2012-2016).

2. The variety of college students pursuing on-line programs noticed a exceptional __________, with a 30% improve from 2018 to 2020.






A noun is required within the hole (observe the ‘a’) so it’s ‘surge’. It is a widespread graph over time construction: ‘Noun/noun part + verb (e.g. noticed/witnessed/skilled) + adjective + noun’.

3. Throughout the years 2012 and 2016, GDP in India __________.

grows steadily

grew steadily

grew regular



It should be ‘grew’ as it’s the previous (2012-2016). ‘Steadily’ is the proper type of the adverb to change the verb.

4. Within the early 2000s, there was a __________ in the usage of conventional mail companies, as digital communication strategies gained prevalence.

sharp decline

sharply declined

sharply declining



The construction wanted right here is adjective + noun. That is one other widespread construction for graphs over time: ‘There + to be + adjective + noun’.

5. The quantity of carbon dioxide emitted by industrial amenities __________ from 2010 as much as the current day.

progressively fell

had progressively fallen

has progressively fallen



We use the current excellent to explain occasions that began previously and proceed as much as the present time. Graphs involving time are most frequently previously solely however you could for instance get a graph from the previous going into the long run. This is able to thus additionally embrace regardless of the present yr is.

6. The interval between 2013 and 2016 witnessed a __________ in shopper spending, with peaks akin to vacation seasons and troughs throughout financial downturns.

fluctuating sample

fluctuating patterns

fluctuated sample



‘Sample’ cannot be plural as it’s with ‘a’. The construction is adjective + noun, and ‘to fluctuate’ as an adjective is with -ing.

7. By 2019, the common family measurement ___________ sharply, with households choosing smaller residing preparations.

has declined

had declined




With the phrase “by + date (previously)” we use the previous excellent tense (used to point out a cut-off date previously as much as one other more moderen time previously). It is a nice strategy to impress the examiner as they need to spot your use of this tense!

8. The info illustrates a constant upward pattern in instructional attainment, with the variety of people holding levels ___________ over the last decade.

steadily rising

steadily rose

rose steadily



When the prepositions in, at, with, of, for, and about are used earlier than a verb, the verb should use -ing (a noun may additionally seem earlier than the verb). So ‘with’ on this context is adopted by ‘(noun) + verb-ing’, so it might probably’t be ‘rose’, which is a most important verb. Thus it’s the current participle ‘rising’ preceded by the adverb ‘steadily’ (it is also ‘rising steadily’).

9. The quantity of rainfall within the area __________ within the 2000s, signalling a regarding pattern in water shortage.

vital decreased

lowering considerably

decreased considerably



“The quantity of…” or “The variety of…” is normally adopted by ‘noun + verb + adverb”. It is previous easy as ‘2000s’ is the previous.

10. The info from 2005 to 2010 reveals a cyclic sample in housing costs, __________ intervals of progress and contraction.

with alternated

with alternating

with alternate



Bear in mind a verb if following a preposition equivalent to ‘with’ takes the -ing type, creating a gift participle part (‘alternating intervals of progress and contraction’).

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