IELTS Mannequin Essays: Shopping for Meals From All Over the World (IELTS 19)

On this lesson you’ll see 3 completely different excessive scoring essays written in response to the next job:

In lots of nations these days, shoppers can go to a grocery store and purchase meals produced all around the world. Do you assume it is a optimistic or destructive growth?

Cambridge IELTS 19 Tutorial Check 4

Every essay responds to the identical job in several methods. The primary essay argues that this growth is optimistic, the second essay argues that the event is destructive, the third essay argues that the event has each optimistic and destructive points.

Every essay is accompanied by an essay plan and vocabulary checklist.

Essay 1 (Constructive)

The primary essay takes the view that this growth is a optimistic one. Three important causes are offered: it gives individuals with entry to a wider vary of meals, it gives financial advantages to nations that export the meals and publicity to meals from around the globe encourages cultural understanding.

Essay Plan

  • Introduction
    • Paraphrase the essay subject.
    • State that it is a optimistic growth.
  • Physique Paragraph 1
    • Entry to a various vary of meals.
    • Instance: Availability of unique fruits in Northern Europe.
  • Physique Paragraph 2
    • Financial advantages for producing nations.
    • Instance: Export alternatives for tropical nations.
  • Physique Paragraph 3
    • Cultural alternate and understanding.
    • Instance: Recognition of worldwide cuisines.
  • Conclusion
    • Restate the optimistic points and conclude.


In recent times, supermarkets in many countries have began providing a wide range of meals sourced from throughout the globe. I firmly imagine that this pattern is a optimistic growth because of the quite a few benefits it brings.

Firstly, the supply of worldwide meals merchandise permits shoppers to entry a various vary of meals that have been beforehand unavailable. As an example, in Northern European nations, unique fruits akin to mangoes and papayas, which aren’t regionally grown, can now be simply bought in supermarkets. This not solely enhances the culinary expertise but in addition promotes more healthy consuming habits by offering a wider number of nutritious choices.

Secondly, the importation of meals merchandise has vital financial advantages for the nations that produce them. Many tropical nations, akin to Costa Rica and Vietnam, rely closely on the export of agricultural merchandise like bananas and low. By exporting these items, these nations can enhance their economies, create jobs, and enhance the usual of dwelling for his or her residents.

Moreover, the presence of worldwide meals in supermarkets fosters cultural alternate and understanding. As persons are uncovered to meals from completely different components of the world, they turn into extra curious in regards to the cultures and traditions related to these meals. This may be seen within the rising reputation of cuisines akin to Japanese sushi, Mexican tacos, and Italian pasta in varied nations. Such culinary exploration promotes cultural appreciation and broadens individuals’s views.

In conclusion, the power to purchase meals produced worldwide in supermarkets is undoubtedly a optimistic growth. It not solely gives shoppers with a wide range of meals decisions and helps the economies of manufacturing nations but in addition encourages cultural alternate and understanding. These advantages collectively improve the worldwide group and contribute to a extra interconnected world.

Vocabulary Checklist

  1. Sourced from throughout the globe
  2. Development
  3. Constructive growth
  4. Quite a few benefits
  5. Availability
  6. Unique fruits
  7. Culinary expertise
  8. Nutritious choices
  9. Financial advantages
  10. Agricultural merchandise
  11. Increase their economies
  12. Lifestyle
  13. Cultural alternate
  14. Curiosity
  15. Traditions
  16. Culinary exploration
  17. Cultural appreciation
  18. Broadens views
  19. Meals produced worldwide in supermarkets
  20. Foster understanding

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Essay 2 (Unfavorable)

This essay takes the other place to Essay 1. It argues that the event is a destructive one. Once more, three important causes are given. Firstly, the destructive environmental impression of transporting meals internationally; secondly, the best way it undermines home meals traditions and the power of a rustic to feed itself; and thirdly, how native farmers endure from abroad competitors.

Essay Plan

  • Introduction
    • Paraphrase the essay subject.
    • State that it is a destructive growth.
  • Physique Paragraph 1
    • Environmental impression of transporting meals.
    • Instance: Carbon footprint of imported avocados from Mexico to Europe.
  • Physique Paragraph 2
    • Lack of native meals traditions and self-sufficiency.
    • Instance: Decline of conventional British orchards.
  • Physique Paragraph 3
    • Financial pressure on native farmers.
    • Instance: Competitors confronted by native dairy farmers from cheaper imported milk.
  • Conclusion
    • Restate the destructive points and conclude.


In up to date society, the presence of worldwide produced meals in supermarkets is more and more widespread. Nonetheless, I imagine this growth is predominantly destructive attributable to its environmental, cultural, and financial repercussions.

Firstly, the environmental impression of transporting meals throughout huge distances is substantial. The carbon footprint related to importing avocados from Mexico to Europe, for instance, is critical. The gas consumption and greenhouse fuel emissions from such long-haul transportation contribute to local weather change and environmental degradation. Lowering the necessity for long-distance meals transport by specializing in regionally sourced merchandise may assist mitigate these environmental points.

Secondly, the supply of worldwide meals can result in a decline in native meals traditions and self-sufficiency. As an example, within the UK, conventional British orchards are dwindling as shoppers more and more choose imported fruits like oranges and pineapples. This shift not solely erodes native meals heritage but in addition undermines the sustainability of native agriculture. Sustaining native meals traditions is important for preserving cultural identification and guaranteeing a resilient native meals system.

Furthermore, the inflow of imported meals merchandise can place financial pressure on native farmers. Native dairy farmers, as an example, usually wrestle to compete with the decrease costs of imported milk. This competitors can result in a lower within the profitability of native farming, leading to farm closures and lack of livelihoods. Supporting native farmers by prioritizing their merchandise in supermarkets will help maintain the native financial system and guarantee meals safety.

In conclusion, whereas the worldwide availability of meals in supermarkets could supply some advantages, it poses vital environmental, cultural, and financial challenges. By prioritizing native produce, we will scale back environmental impression, protect native meals traditions, and assist native farmers, thereby fostering a extra sustainable and resilient meals system.

Vocabulary Checklist

  1. Predominantly destructive
  2. Environmental repercussions
  3. Carbon footprint
  4. Lengthy-haul transportation
  5. Local weather change
  6. Environmental degradation
  7. Domestically sourced merchandise
  8. Mitigate environmental points
  9. Native meals traditions
  10. Self-sufficiency
  11. Erodes native meals heritage
  12. Sustainability
  13. Resilient native meals system
  14. Cultural identification
  15. Financial pressure
  16. Inflow
  17. Profitability
  18. Farm closures
  19. Meals safety
  20. Sustainable and resilient

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Essay 3 (Constructive and Unfavorable)

The third essay takes the place that there are each optimistic and destructive impacts of this growth. The essay gives 2 optimistic impacts (entry to numerous meals, financial advantages to creating nations) and two destructive impacts (environmental impression and lack of home meals tradition).

Essay Plan

  • Introduction
    • Paraphrase the essay subject.
    • State that the event has each optimistic and destructive points.
  • Physique Paragraph 1
    • Constructive: Entry to numerous meals and dietary advantages.
    • Instance: Superfoods like quinoa turning into globally accessible.
  • Physique Paragraph 2
    • Constructive: Financial alternatives for creating nations.
    • Instance: Espresso exports from Ethiopia.
  • Physique Paragraph 3
    • Unfavorable: Environmental impression and carbon footprint.
    • Instance: Air freight of perishable items.
  • Physique Paragraph 4
    • Unfavorable: Potential lack of native meals tradition.
    • Instance: Conventional Italian delicacies overshadowed by worldwide quick meals.
  • Conclusion
    • Acknowledge each side and counsel a balanced strategy.


The worldwide availability of meals in supermarkets is a pattern that carries each optimistic and destructive implications. Whereas it provides a number of advantages, it additionally presents vital challenges that should be thought-about.

On the optimistic aspect, entry to a variety of worldwide meals enhances dietary variety and promotes higher diet. As an example, the worldwide reputation of superfoods like quinoa has launched a extremely nutritious grain to diets worldwide. Such meals present important vitamins and well being advantages that may not be accessible in regionally produced objects, contributing to general well-being.

Furthermore, the importation of meals merchandise provides financial alternatives for creating nations. Ethiopian espresso, as an example, is a significant export that helps the livelihoods of numerous farmers and contributes to the nationwide financial system. Such commerce can improve financial growth and scale back poverty in producing areas.

Nonetheless, the environmental impression of transporting meals throughout the globe can’t be ignored. The carbon footprint related to air freighting perishable items is appreciable, contributing to world warming and environmental degradation. For instance, the air transportation of contemporary produce from South America to Europe generates vital greenhouse fuel emissions, undermining efforts to fight local weather change.

As well as, the inflow of worldwide meals can result in the erosion of native meals cultures. In Italy, for instance, conventional delicacies is more and more overshadowed by the recognition of worldwide quick meals chains. This shift not solely impacts cultural heritage but in addition impacts the native meals business, which struggles to compete with world manufacturers.

In conclusion, whereas the presence of worldwide sourced meals in supermarkets has notable benefits akin to improved diet and financial alternatives, it additionally poses vital environmental and cultural challenges. A balanced strategy that promotes each world commerce and native meals sustainability is important to maximise advantages whereas mitigating destructive impacts.

Vocabulary Checklist

  1. Implications
  2. Dietary variety
  3. Dietary advantages
  4. Superfoods
  5. Extremely nutritious
  6. Important vitamins
  7. General well-being
  8. Environmental impression
  9. Air freighting
  10. International warming
  11. Environmental degradation
  12. Perishable items
  13. Greenhouse fuel emissions
  14. Fight local weather change
  15. Financial alternatives
  16. Livelihoods
  17. Nationwide financial system
  18. Financial growth
  19. Cut back poverty
  20. Cultural heritage
  21. Native meals business
  22. International manufacturers
  23. Balanced strategy
  24. Mitigating impacts

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