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If you’re learning for the IELTS take a look at, then that is the vocab web page for you. I’ve chosen quite a lot of IELTS Vocabulary By Subjects.

The next are the primary matters of this text:

  1. Crime and punishment.
  2. Media and promoting.
  3. The surroundings.
  4. enterprise and Cash.
  5. Authorities.
  6. Sport and train.
  7. House exploration.

Crime and punishment

1. crime of ardour

Which means: refers to a criminal offense, particularly homicide, attributable to sexual jealousy.

Instance: Individuals who perform crimes of ardour usually remorse their actions later, after they replicate on what they’ve achieved.

2. to serve a jail sentence

Which means: to hold out confinement in jail as a punishment.

Instance: They’re serving lengthy jail sentences for his or her half within the assassination.

3. to show to crime/ medication

Which means: To begin committing crimes or utilizing medication.

Instance: During times of excessive youth unemployment, some children flip to crime to acquire cash.

4. to be robust on crime

Which means: To punish crime severely.

Instance: The crime fee is more likely to fall if governments take robust measures to be robust on crime.

5. to contest the decision

Which means: not agree with the choice of the jury after the trial of a case.

Instance: In lots of international locations, the accused particular person has the correct to contest the decision which was reached within the courtroom.

6. to consider

Which means: to consider a specific reality or element and permit it to have some affect if you end up making a choice.

Instance: The earlier prison data of those that are discovered responsible have to be considered when a sentence is handed.

7. to reintegrate again into society/ group

Which means: to revive somebody by way of schooling or remedy.

Instance: There’s an rising focus amongst policy-makers and practitioners on figuring out applications and methods that may assist prisoners efficiently reintegrate again into their communities with out re-offending.

8. to be gentle on crime

Which means: to not impose strict punishments on offenders.

Instance: In an effort to deter criminals successfully, governments should not observe insurance policies that are gentle on crime.

9. a coverage of zero tolerance

Which means: a coverage of making use of legal guidelines very strictly, so that each unlawful motion is punished, even when it isn’t very severe.

Instance: I might argue that the simplest approach to scale back crime is to implement a coverage of zero tolerance.

10. an opportunity of rehabilitation

Which means: an opportunity of serving to somebody to have a standard life after serving a jail sentence.

Instance: We must always give ex-offerders an opportunity of rehabilitation and educate them tips on how to turn out to be helpful members of society.

11. to embark on one thing

Which means: To begin one thing new.

Instance: Younger individuals generally embark on a lifetime of crime because of the dangerous affect of criminals whom they know.

12. to make a contemporary begin

Which means: to attempt one thing new after making errors in a single’s life.

Instance: I imagine that individuals ought to have the chance to make a contemporary begin after they’re launched from jail.

13. to behave as a deterrent

Which means: a measure which makes someone much less more likely to do one thing.

Instance: Longer jail sentences would act as a deterrent and could be one helpful measure to sort out rising crime.

14. to launch again into society.

Which means: to provide freedom to prisoners who’ve completed their sentences.

Instance: He was launched again into society after serving two years of a five-year sentence.

15. corporal punishment

Which means: to punish by bodily harming the offender.

Instance: Many colleges have deserted the coverage of corporal punishment for youngsters who misbehave and like to provide further work or detention after college as an alternative.

16. drug trafficking

Which means: importing and promoting unlawful medication.

Instance: Some individuals argue that legalising medication would put an finish to the evil of drug trafficking and the violence related to it.

17. a non-custodial sentence

Which means: a sentence which isn’t served in jail.

Instance: There’s a variety of non custodial sentences which a courtroom might give to offenders, together with: fines, probation orders, or group service orders.

18. to be discovered responsible

Which means: the courtroom determined that the particular person did commit the crime.

Instance: If persons are discovered responsible of committing severe offences, heavy punishments ought to be imposed.

19. the complete weight of the regulation

Which means: all of the strictest punishments out there based on the legal guidelines of a rustic.

Instance: In an effort to deter crime, the complete weight of the regulation have to be imposed for all severe offences.

20. to impose a ban on sth

Which means: to implement an official rule which says that one thing shouldn’t be allowed.

Instance: Most governments have imposed a ban on the sale of tobacco to these aged below 16.

21. to convict a prison

Which means: to search out an offender responsible and to punish them.

Instance: As soon as the courts have convicted a prison, the punishment ought to be extreme.

22. law-abiding residents

Which means: individuals who obey and respect the regulation.

Instance: The federal government might take some efficient steps to guard law-abiding residents.

23. to implement the regulation

Which means: to make it possible for the regulation is obeyed

Instance: The function of the police and the courts is to implement the regulation.

24. capital punishment

Which means: punishment by loss of life.

Instance: In some states of America, those that commit homicide are generally sentenced to capital punishment.

25. forensic proof

Which means: related with the scientific checks performed by the police when investigating a criminal offense.

Instance: Fashionable police strategies embrace using forensic proof, comparable to DNA samples, to analyze crimes.

26. to put in surveillance cameras

Which means: to place cameras in a spot the place a criminal offense is more likely to be dedicated.

Instance: The safety firm has put in surveillance cameras in any respect the entrances and exits of the shopping center.

27. to placed on probation

Which means: to make a convicted particular person see an official at common intervals to verify on their good habits, as a substitute for going to jail.

Instance: The younger offender was placed on probation, as his crime was not severe sufficient to ship him to jail.

28. to punish wrongdoers

Which means: to punish individuals who do one thing unlawful.

Instance: Stricter measures have to be launched by governments to punish wrongdoers.

29. to arrest suspects

Which means: to cease and maintain individuals who the police suppose might have dedicated a criminal offense

Instance: The federal government ought to give the police larger powers to arrest suspects.

30. the letter of the regulation

Which means: the precise wording of the regulation, with out contemplating any excuses.

Instance: I imagine that the courts should apply the strict letter of the regulation and impose the harshest doable sentences on criminals.

Media and promoting.

1. to broadcast propaganda

Which means: to ship out a programme on tv or radio that could be false or exagerrated with the intention to acquire assist for a political chief, a celebration, and many others.

Instance: The media in North Korea broadcast propaganda every single day concerning the risks of warfare with South Korea and the USA.

2. a number one article

Which means: an editorial which offers with crucial information merchandise of the day. Instance: Newspapers in my nation usually have a number one article on some sensational crime that has been dedicated.

3. editorial coverage

Which means: the coverage of the newspaper, as determined by the particular person in command of producing the newspaper

Instance: The editorial coverage of a newspaper determines whether or not severe information gadgets are reported in a accountable method.

4. sensational journalism

Which means: reporting which tries to get your curiosity by presenting info or occasions as extra stunning or worse than they’re.

Instance: Sadly, sensational journalism has resulted in a lot public mistrust of the media.

5. to hold a narrative

Which means: to incorporate an merchandise in a information report.

Instance: The media these days carries too many tales about celebrities and trivia and never sufficient severe information.

6. information protection

Which means: the reporting of reports and sport in newspapers, television, or radio.

Instance: The US presidential election acquired world information protection, in order that the entire world took an interest within the end result.

7. to make front-page headlines

Which means: to be an necessary merchandise of reports within the newspapers, on radio, or TV.

Instance: Evidently each insignificant occasion within the lives of celebrities makes entrance web page headlines.

8. breaking information

Which means: newly acquired details about an occasion that’s at present happening OPIC.

Instance: One drawback of the printed media is that it’s unable to hold the most recent breaking information tales.

9. as much as the minute

Which means: having the most recent info.

Instance: Newspapers are unable to offer as much as the minute information protection of occasions as they occur.

10. stale information

Which means: info that’s not attention-grabbing or new, as a result of it has already been reported.

Instance: Newspapers have now turn out to be solely a supply of stale information, which is a significant cause why they’ve turn out to be much less widespread.

11. falling circulation

Which means: the decline within the variety of copies of a newspaper bought every day.

Instance: Because of their falling circulation, newspapers are shedding promoting income.

12. movie star endorsement

Which means: A type of model or promoting marketing campaign that includes a well-known particular person utilizing their fame to assist promote a services or products.

Instance: Movie star endorsement by well-known TV stars is usually utilized by corporations to encourage customers to belief and purchase their merchandise.

13. to subscribe to {a magazine}.

Which means: to pay cash repeatedly with the intention to obtain a duplicate of {a magazine}.

Instance: These with a robust curiosity in a specific area generally want to subscribe to {a magazine} which has articles regarding that space.

14. the monetary/enterprise sections

Which means: Newspapers have more and more turned to offering skilled, detailed evaluation of latest occasions, for instance of their monetary or enterprise sections.

15. internet advertising

Which means: promoting a services or products on the web.

Instance: The rising reputation of internet advertising has resulted in a lack of income for the printed media usually.

16. to slash the costs of merchandise

Which means: to cut back the value dramatically.

Instance: Supermarkets, for instance, at all times carry big in-store commercials after they slash the costs of merchandise.

The surroundings

1. to discharge chemical waste

Which means: to get rid of waste merchandise from chemical processes.

Instance: These days, increasingly more firm and industrial zones have been discharging chemical waste into rivers, inflicting loss of life to many fish and different aquatic animals.

2. environmental degradation

Which means: the method or reality of the surroundings changing into worse.

Instance: Africa is a continent through which environmental degradation is obvious within the unfold of deserts and the extinction of animal species.

3. to take motion on world warming

Which means: to do what must be achieved on issues associated to world warming.

Instance: There have been quite a few worldwide conferences to warn of the hazards, however many governments have refused to take motion on world warming.

4. to be bio-degradable

Which means: a substance or chemical that may be modified to a pure innocent state by the motion of micro organism.

Instance: Most plastics should not biodegradable, and stay as waste merchandise within the surroundings for 1000’s of years.

5. to deplete pure assets

Which means: To scale back the quantity of pure assets.

Instance: Timber corporations should not be allowed to deplete pure assets by reducing down bushes with out planting new bushes to exchange them.

6. ozone layer depletion

Which means: refers to a gradual decline within the whole quantity of ozone within the Earth’s ambiance

Instance: Ozone layer depletion has the impact of permitting dangerous radiation from the solar to penetrate the ambiance and this will increase the danger to people of pores and skin most cancers.

7. an ecological disaster

Which means: a severe state of affairs that happens when the surroundings of a species or a inhabitants adjustments in a method that destabilizes its continued survival.

Instance: Environmental degradation attributable to human exercise is upsetting an ecological disaster which threatens our existence.

8. carbon footprint

Which means: a measure of the quantity of carbon dioxide that’s produced by the each day actions of an organization or particular person.

Instance: By offering subsidies, governments ought to encourage corporations to cut back their carbon footprint by way of vitality effectivity or different ‘inexperienced measures’.

9. to chop down on emissions

Which means: to cut back the quantity of gases despatched out into the air.

Instance: Individuals have to be made conscious of the necessity to minimize down on emissions from their vehicles if we’re to cut back air air pollution.

10. to combat local weather change

Which means: To attempt to stop adjustments in local weather patterns, comparable to rainfall, temperature and winds.

Instance: Except we eat much less of the Earth’s pure assets, it is going to be not possible to combat local weather change and safeguard our future.

Enterprise and Cash

1. To take one thing into consideration/ account

Which means: to think about or bear in mind one thing when judging a state of affairs.

Instance: No enterprise will succeed if it fails to take the wants of consumers into consideration/into consideration.

2. To interrupt right into a market

Which means: to enter a market with the connotation that entrance to the business was troublesome.

Instance: It’s troublesome to interrupt into the marketplace for designer sportswear as a result of there may be an excessive amount of competitors from main manufacturers like Nike.

3. To maintain somebody’s phrase

Which means: to uphold one’s promise; to do as one says.

Instance: I lent him some huge cash, so I hope that he retains his phrase and repays the mortgage.

4. To achieve a consensus

Which means: to come back to an settlement.

Instance: The administrators of the corporate have reached a consensus on the brand new marketing strategy.

5. To profit from one thing

Which means: to make one thing seem pretty much as good as doable; to take advantage of one thing; to get as a lot out of one thing as is feasible.

Instance: They designed the commercials to profit from the product’s options.

6. To exit of enterprise

Which means: if an organization goes out of enterprise, it stops doing enterprise completely, particularly as a result of it has failed.

Instance: If we bought meals at these costs we’d quickly exit of enterprise.

7. To do market analysis

Which means: to gather details about what individuals purchase and why they select it.

Instance: Promoting corporations do a variety of market analysis earlier than they design promotion campaigns.

8. To make cutbacks

Which means: to lower, to cut back.

Instance: The corporate made cutbacks at their shops in New York and plenty of workers had been dismissed.

9. To handle expectations

Which means: Search to stop disappointment by establishing prematurely what can realistically be achieved or delivered by a mission, enterprise, plan of action, and many others.

Instance: the corporate must handle the expectations of buyers by presenting a sensible determine for subsequent 12 months’s estimated earnings.

10. To make a calculation

Which means: to evaluate a state of affairs and determine (or guess) the result.

Instance: We can’t make a exact calculation of the value till we now have all the prices.


1. to abide by

Which means; (formal) to simply accept and act based on a regulation, an settlement, and many others.

Instance: Motorists who don’t abide by the foundations of the highway ought to be severely

2. parliamentary democracy

Which means: a system of presidency through which candidates are voted to symbolize the individuals of
a rustic in a nationwide parliament or meeting

Instance: Freedom of speech is often one of many rights loved by residents in a
parliamentary democracy.

3. to stick to

Which means: to behave based on a specific regulation, rule, set of directions,

Instance: Governments which fail to stick to their election guarantees usually turn out to be
unpopular in a short time.

4. constitutional authorities

Which means: related with the legal guidelines which a rustic is ruled by

Instance: The media have an necessary function to play in reporting on the actions of
politicians, to make sure the correct functioning of constitutional authorities.

5. the chief department

Which means: that a part of the federal government organisation answerable for implementing legal guidelines and

Instance: The enforcement of insurance policies affecting faculties and hospitals is the accountability of
the chief department of the federal government.

6. the legislative department

Which means: that a part of the federal government answerable for making legal guidelines

Instance: Legal guidelines regarding human rights have been handed by the legislative department ofmany governments.

7. the separation of powers

Which means: the precept that separates authorities authority into three branches –
legislative (the Parliament or Senate), government (the President or Ministers) and the
judiciary (the judges and courts).

Instance: Within the USA, the independence of the courts from the federal government is safeguarded by the separation of powers.

8. to undertake insurance policies

Which means: to begin to use explicit insurance policies.

Instance: In an effort to cope with visitors congestion, the federal government should undertake insurance policies to limit using personal vehicles.

9. to impose spending cuts

Which means: to introduce new guidelines to spend much less cash on one thing.

Instance: It’s important for the authorities to impose spending cuts on house applications with the intention to fund well being companies.

10. to boost taxes on

Which means: to extend the quantity of tax on one thing.

Instance: Governments ought to increase taxes on cigarettes to influence extra individuals to surrender smoking.

Sport and train

1. to take up sport/to take up train

Which means: to start out doing a sport, to start out doing train.

Instance: Governments ought to present sports activities amenities to encourage extra individuals to take up sport.

2. to get into form

Which means: to turn out to be match.

Instance: If individuals have a sedentary life-style, they need to do common train to get into form.

3. to maintain match

Which means: to remain in good bodily situation.

Instance: A nutritious diet and loads of train are important for individuals to maintain match.

4. to exert oneself

Which means: to make an enormous bodily effort to do one thing.

Instance: I imagine that sports activities professionals deserve excessive salaries, as a result of fixed onerous coaching is critical in order that they will exert themselves to the restrict after they compete.

5. to work out on the gymnasium

Which means: to coach the physique by bodily train on the gymnasium.

Instance: As a part of a wholesome life-style, individuals of all ages ought to work out on the gymnasium frequently.

6. to be out of situation

Which means: to be bodily unfit.

Instance: One of many causes of weight problems is that many individuals are out of situation and fail to train repeatedly.

7. to be within the peak of situation

Which means: to be in the absolute best bodily situation.

Instance: Sports activities professionals ought to obtain excessive salaries, as a result of they need to at all times be within the peak of situation with the intention to carry out on the highest ranges.

8. to take mild train

Which means: to do train which isn’t bodily demanding or tiring.

Instance: Even the aged can preserve match by taking mild train, like jogging or perhaps a stroll within the park.

9. different types of train

Which means: taking train in much less widespread methods, involving the thoughts in addition to the physique

Instance: Different types of train, comparable to yoga and tai chi, are widespread in my nation amongst individuals of all ages.

10. to outlaw harmful sports activities

Which means: to ban or prohibit sports activities which have a excessive danger of inflicting damage.

Instance: I imagine that the federal government ought to outlaw harmful sports activities as a result of individuals might endure severe accidents.

House exploration

1. The house race

Which means: competitors between the US and the Soviet Union within the Nineteen Fifties and 60s to be the primary to discover house

Instance: The house race within the Nineteen Fifties marks an necessary level within the growth of house exploration

2. An area probe

Which means: a kind of house craft that doesn’t have an individual inside.

Instance: House probes could be despatched to far distances for lengthy durations of time to collect details about completely different areas in house.

3. A lunar module

Which means: a small craft used for travelling between the moon and the bigger house craft orbiting the moon.

Instance: When the primary males walked on the moon they got here out of the lunar module. The primary man to stroll on the moon mentioned “One small step for a person, one large leap for mankind.”

4. To place into orbit

Which means: To ship one thing into house, following a curved path of a planet or an object because it strikes round a star, a moon or a planet.

Instance: A brand new satellite tv for pc has been put into orbit across the earth.

5. Manned house flight

Which means: a voyage into house which has an individual to manage it.

Instance: As manned house flights are so harmful, many checks have to be carried out first.

6. To launch an area rocket

Which means: to ship a rocket into house.

Instance: These days, males launch house rockets – not ships – to find new worlds.

7. The cosmos

Which means: the universe, particularly when it is regarded as an ordered system.

Instance: Though the problem of exploring and understanding the cosmos is thrilling, it’s also very costly.

8. To pour cash into house analysis

Which means: to spend monumental quantities of cash on house analysis.

Instance: Some individuals argue that it’s wasteful to pour cash into house analysis.

9. A take a look at flight

Which means: a flight throughout which an area craft or a part of its gear is examined.

Instance: Take a look at flights add to the massive prices of house exploration.

10. An area shuttle

Which means: a spacecraft designed for use, for instance, to journey between the earth and an area station.

Instance: The primary house shuttle was front-page information, however now persons are not excited by the idea.

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