Instructor Tom: Our Interdependence

We should dangle collectively gents . . . else we will most assuredly dangle individually. ~Benjamin Franklin

Glad Independence Day! And “joyful” is the suitable greeting for the day. The Declaration of Independence was the primary historic occasion of the phrase “happiness” showing within the founding paperwork of any nation.

Immediately in 1776, 56 males signed their names to this radical doc. Because of this they had been, with out trial, proclaimed traitors by the federal government and sentenced to dying. These had been center class individuals. John Hancock was the wealthiest amongst them and he was not even a millionaire by immediately’s requirements. The rich sided with the king. Many of the signers had been working individuals — farmers and tradesmen primarily. None of them left behind a household fortune, or a basis, or every other form of monetary memorial of their lives. Our nation is their legacy.

Their common age was 33 (Thomas Jefferson’s age on the time). The youngest was solely 20-years-old. The oldest was Benjamin Franklin, who was 83.

Because of having signed the Declaration of Independence, all 56 of the signers had been compelled to flee their properties. Twelve returned to search out solely rubble.

Because of having signed the Declaration of Independence, 17 of them had been worn out financially by the British authorities.

Because of having signed the Declaration of Independence, a lot of them had been captured and tortured, or their households had been imprisoned, or their youngsters had been taken from them. 9 of them died and 4 of them misplaced their youngsters.

As I learn the Declaration of Independence, as I do every July 4, I discover myself in awe of their braveness. They had been all conscious of the probably penalties, however they did what they knew should be completed. Two centuries later, I nonetheless really feel the outrage they will need to have felt as I learn by the precise governmental abuses that cause them to that vital second.

Much more than our Structure, the Declaration of Independence is the start level for america of America. I discover it each instructional and inspirational to return to the supply earlier than heading out for fireworks.

When Franklin was requested what sort of nation they had been forming, he answered, “A republic, madam, when you can preserve it.”

I fear at occasions that we cannot have the ability to preserve it, that, in reality, we have already misplaced it. I fear that too many people have declared our independence not from tyrants, however from each other, not understanding that in making a constitutional authorities of, by, and for we the individuals, we had been additionally declaring our interdependence.

On the signing to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Franklin famously mentioned, “We should dangle collectively gents . . . else we will most assuredly dangle individually.” 

And whereas we come collectively to commemorate our independence from tyranny, that is additionally a day for embracing our fellow countrymen, for celebrating our interdependence. In that route lies happiness.


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