The way to Use “No” and Different Negatives

How do you say “no” in Spanish? It’s truly very straightforward! It’s because it’s about the identical as English: no!

However that’s not all you must learn about no if you wish to advance your Spanish skills. I’ve been studying Spanish for years, and I’ll let you know how you can use no in addition to extra inventive phrases to make use of.

The way to Use No in Spanish

The best strategy to say “no” in Spanish is simply by saying no. However that’s not all no can do! No is a really helpful phrase in Spanish as a result of it’s a frequent phrase that features because the English “no” and “not.”

So put it merely, no has two makes use of:

  1. No is the other of , which suggests “sure.”

It’s two for one!

Right here’s a dialogue instance showcasing each makes use of:

A: ¿Quieres ir al cine mañana? (“Do you wish to go to the movie show tomorrow?”)
B: No, no tengo tiempo. (“No, I don’t have time.”)

The primary no was just like the English “no.” The second no acted like “don’t.”

(By the way in which, if you happen to wished to say B’s sentence within the affirmative, you could possibly say, Sí, tengo tiempo. (“Sure, I’ve time.”))

The beauty of negating verbs in Spanish is that you simply don’t want to fret about whether or not to make use of “don’t,” “don’t,” “doesn’t,” “doesn’t” or another variations of a serving to verb. You merely add no!

Right here’s me at La Sagrada Familia in Spain. E book early, or no vas a entrar (“you received’t get in”)!

Different Methods to Negate a Sentence in Spanish

After all, there are extra methods to make a sentence detrimental than simply saying no in Spanish. Right here’s a rundown of different methods to negate a sentence:

“No” and Different Negatives in Spanish
Nobody, no personNadie/ˈna.ðje/
By no means, not everNunca, jamás/ˈnun.ka/, /xaˈmas/
No, None, not anyNingún, ninguno, ninguna/ninˈɡun/, /ninˈɡ, /ninˈɡ
Neither, not bothTampoco/tamˈpo.ko/
Neither… nor…Ni… ni…/ni/

Now how can we use these phrases? Listed here are some instance sentences:

No quiero nada. (“I need nothing.”)
Nadie vino a la fiesta. (“No one got here to the occasion.”)
Nunca he visitado España. (“I’ve by no means visited Spain.”)
Jamás te olvidaré. (“I’ll always remember you.”)
No tengo ningún problema. (“I’ve no downside.”)
No conozco a ninguno de ellos. (“I don’t know any of them.”)
No tengo ninguna thought. (“I do not know.”)
Yo no quiero ir y ella tampoco. (“I don’t wish to go and neither does she.”)
No quiero ni pizza ni pasta. (“I need neither pizza nor pasta.”)

Notice that in Spanish, whenever you use a detrimental phrase from the listing above earlier than the verb, you don’t add no! But when the phrase comes after the verb, you must additionally embody no. English doesn’t like double negatives, however typically they’re essential in Spanish!

Additionally, listed here are a number of extra issues to remember:

Different Methods to Categorical “No” in Spanish

After all, like in English, there are numerous methods to specific the thought of “no” in Spanish! Listed here are some extra inventive and superior methods to boost your Spanish vocabulary:

All to Learn about “No” in Spanish

So there you’ve gotten it! You received’t use No entiendo (“I don’t perceive”) about “no” anymore! You now know how you can flip down provides or concepts in Spanish. Now go on the market and begin rejecting like a Spanish professional (however please do it properly!).

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