What’s Jet Lag and How Can You Keep away from It? 

Jet lag — the infamous nemesis of each world traveler and examine overseas participant. We’ve all been there: you step off the airplane, excited to discover to your coronary heart’s content material, solely to search out your self battling to remain awake.  

Right here’s every thing you’ll want to learn about jet lag, and the best way to keep away from it in case you’re about to embark on a examine overseas or internship program abroad. 

What’s Jet Lag? 

Based on the CDC, “Jet lag is attributable to a mismatch between an individual’s regular each day rhythms and a brand new time zone.” Primarily, your physique turns into a time-traveler, inflicting a misalignment between its inner clock and the time zone of your vacation spot, making you are feeling like a zombie. It may well have an effect on your temper and talent to pay attention, in addition to your bodily and psychological efficiency. Fortunately, there are methods to reduce its results! 

Who Experiences Jet Lag?  

Spoiler alert: mainly anybody who travels throughout a number of time zones!

Jet lag doesn’t discriminate. Whether or not you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time globetrotter, crossing time zones can throw your physique into a short lived state of chaos. It’s the value we pay for the fun of exploring far-flung corners of the world. 

How Lengthy Does Jet Lag Final? 

The length of jet lag varies from individual to individual, however on common, it takes a couple of day to get well for every time zone crossed. So, in case your flight to your examine overseas program vacation spot spanned six time zones, put together for per week of sleepiness. However don’t fear, we’ve obtained some ideas and tips to assist with that beneath. 

Is Jet Lag Worse Going to or From Your Vacation spot? 

The age-old debate. We want we had a extra satisfying reply, however the fact is — it will depend on the person. Some discover it tougher to regulate when arriving, whereas others battle when returning dwelling.

Young woman sleeping with eyemask on

Getting Proactive: Suggestions for Avoiding Jet Lag 

Regulate forward of time

The CDC recommends adjusting your physique’s pure clock to the time zone of your vacation spot for just a few days earlier than you allow on your vacation spot. 

  • If touring west, go to mattress an hour or two later than traditional
  • If touring east, go to mattress an hour or two sooner than traditional

Put together your tummy 

Abdomen issues are a symptom of jet leg, so attempt to eat smaller meals earlier than and through journey. 

Suggestions for Dealing with Jet Lag 

Do because the Romans Do  

In case you are touring to a time zone that’s greater than 3 hours forward or behind your own home time zone, attempt following the sleep routines of your vacation spot once you get there. 

Keep away from Alcohol 

At the very least once you first arrive, attempt to keep away from consuming something containing alcohol, as it may possibly disrupt your sleep. 


Caffeine might be helpful, so long as you utilize it strategically. Attempt to not have it within the night, as an illustration. 

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

The one factor you need to be consuming is water. It’s cliche to say at this level, however keep hydrated! This helps fight dehydrating results of air journey and helps your physique’s adjustment to the brand new time zone. 

“Throughout and after your flight, it’ll be vital to remain hydrated so you possibly can go-go-go and never be hurting from a dehydration headache. Everytime you get the possibility to refill your water bottle, do it! That provides you incentive to drink extra water as effectively.”

– Mikayla M., AIFS Overseas in Maynooth, Eire alum

Soak Up the Solar 

Publicity to pure mild helps regulate your physique’s inner clock, so attempt to keep in well-lit areas in the course of the day. 

Energy Naps 

If you happen to’re sleepy in the course of the day, take just a little nap, however not more than 15-20 minutes. This fashion you’ll get some power, whereas nonetheless having the ability to sleep at evening. 

“A time change that drastic already takes a very long time to get used to, however on prime of it, getting completely no sleep when it’s a must to pressure your self to remain awake for longer than traditional is tough”

– Emma J., AIFS Overseas in Rome, Italy alum

Keep Energetic 

Go on just a little jog or get a stroll in to discover your environment upon arrival. Participating in mild bodily exercise boosts your power ranges and may also help reset your inner clock. 


If you happen to’re struggling to sleep at evening, it’s mentioned that taking melatonin may also help regulate your sleep-wake schedule — however keep in mind to at all times communicate together with your healthcare supplier first! If you happen to’re nervous it received’t be sufficient, it’s also possible to ask them about different medicines or sleep aids that will enable you to sleep at evening. 

Now you’re able to tackle the world and conquer jet lag like a seasoned adventurer once you examine or intern overseas! 

Jet lag is one thing even common globetrotters expertise, however hopefully now that you simply’ve learn this text, it is going to be one much less factor to fret about once you examine or intern overseas.

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